Hi-Ho the Derry-o, to the OB We Go!

I was excited for my first OB visit! Well, maybe not really. We arrived at the office, checked-in and sat in the waiting room. The office appeared like the majority of doctor’s offices I had previously been to, I was a little disappointed. I am not sure exactly what I expected, but this certainly was not it. We waited along with a couple of visibly pregnant women watching a special doctor’s office only health channel. After being strangely intrigued by a gestational diabetes segment, an ultrasound tech called B’s name, brought her back to obtain her vital signs, pee on a stick, and directed us into a room.

In the exam room the tech asked some questions about B’s last missed period (LMP) and if she was having any pregnancy symptoms or concerns. She let the tech know she wasn’t having any significant symptoms, maybe she was a tad more tired than usual, but no concerns such as pain or bleeding. Then the tech asked B to remove her clothing from the waist down and cover herself with the sheet. As soon as the tech left and B undressed, I took the opportunity to ask if we could have some quick sexy-time, she was not amused.

The ultrasound tech came back into the room and started typing on the ultrasound keyboard, covered the ultrasound stick with a condom of sorts and popped it in. I stared at the screen looking at a black dot in a sea of white lines, “there it is, so it’s where it is supposed to be,” the tech informed us. I felt relieved and a little lightheaded, I could feel myself smile, it felt like a slow-motion smile as I could feel the corners of my mouth arch up…I was in hyperarousal/hypersensitive mode, strange feeling. I looked over to B and she had a smile on her face, I was glad she was happy and satisfied with what the tech had to say. The tech asked if we wanted a picture, I didn’t need a picture of a black hole in fuzz, but B wanted it, this was destined for refrigerator.


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