Pregnancy Ultrasound Confirmed…More Testing to Come

Following the ultrasound we went back to the waiting room for about five minutes and were called back to another treatment room. Now this was officially my first visit to an OB’s room. From all the stories of stir-ups and pap smears, etc.the office looked basically like my primary care physician’s rooms, except for a few key differences. Over the chair-table thing patients sit on, there was a landscape scene covering the light. I suppose this is an attempt to have patients go to their happy place while they are going through whatever exactly is going on there. There was also several diagrams of vaginas on the wall along with a split vagina model and several birth control displays, other than those things pretty standard office. The dreaded stir-ups were even hidden within the chair-table.

While we were waiting for the doctor I asked B, “When do girls start going to the OB?” she retorted, “Actually it would be the gyno, OB is for pregnancy. I think around 13ish, when periods start.” As I sat corrected, I thought to myself what if boys had to go to a penis doctor right when puberty started? I chuckled to myself. Those appointments would be the doctor’s favorite. I attempted to think like my 13ish year old self, which was surprisingly not that hard to do. I thought about how I would feel having the doctor look at my stuff, but more importantly I thought about the questions the doctor would ask and the answers my 13ish year old self would give about wet dreams, erections, masturbating, etc. I also thought about the questions I would ask, but as I went down the sexual relations questions, I realized the doctor would probably have a mini-lecture on STDs to ruin the fun…back to reality.

[For the record, I discovered penis health is a thing and there are a surprising number of issues which may arise. I for one vote for a new Mannusology-Urology (Man-Uro) specialty]

After thinking about sex questions I would ask as a 13 year old, I had the opportunity to check-out several forms of female birth control including the ring and an intrauterine device, both appeared quite uncomfortable to me. I have never had a discussion with a partner about these options, I have always been satisfied with unrolling rubber, pulling it off, and tying it in a nice little bow, the internal stuff seems much more draconian to me. B agreed.

I also looked through a book showing monthly embryonic and fetal development. The pictures were fascinating, but I was curious how they were taken. The idea of a baby growing inside of a body is still disturbing to me, I wish we laid eggs or something along those lines. Then we could stick the egg in an incubator and things would be all good. About halfway through the book there was a quick double tap on the door and in walked the doctor. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked about the pictures in the book, he said they are taken prior to a pregnancy termination procedure, which was a little shocking to me.

The doctor confirmed the pregnancy based on the ultrasound, then he explained what the next couple weeks were going to look like due to the previous ectopic pregnancy. The first step was going to be a series of three blood draws at approximately the same time every two days. This was to monitor the pregnancy hormone which should double every 48 to 72 hours.


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