From Car Seats to Anguish

The next week was lab appointments, then our second doctor’s appointment to discuss the lab results. When we arrived at the office we were informed B’s regular OB was on-call and she would be seeing a different doctor. This apparently is standard procedure for this practice. There are four doctors and they attempt to have each patient have at least one appointment with each doctor because the doctors share delivery responsibilities. Basically, since they cannot guarantee who will deliver the baby, patients should get to know all the possibilities.

The doctor’s office television network taught us about proper car seat installation and how long children should seat rear-facing, in some sort of car seat, and in the backseat. I don’t remember any of it. Although not mentioned during the television show, I’m plan on bringing our first car seat to the local police station to show me correct installation process. I have absolutely no idea what people could possibly be doing wrong, but according to this article 73% of seats are installed wrong.

We were called back and went into a different room this time, not sure if each doctor has their own room. The nurse asked her questions and then the doctor came in. He introduced himself and asked how B was feeling and then said, “your numbers are not increasing like they are supposed to and you should probably look to end the pregnancy.” I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and looked at B who was tearing up. She asked, “What do you mean?” He explained the numbers are increasing, but not to the level they are supposed to and this is typically indicative of a failed pregnancy. She asked about options and he presented the two options available at this point, a medication to abort the pregnancy or wait and see. The doctor left the room for us to talk.

Not being female and not being a very emotional person anyway, I have no idea what B could have been going through. I asked her what she wanted to do, I was going to agree with her no matter the choice.


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