The Emergency Room I

When we arrived at the emergency room, we checked in and explained what was happening. B was quickly brought into a room that may be used for normal emergency room patients, but served as the pregnancy emergency room. What I mean is the room had specific supplies associated for pregnancy, unlike other ER rooms I have been in. The RN who initially came in the room checked B’s vital signs and reviewed her current status regarding the miscarriage. B told her about the bleeding as well as an increase in pain she was experiencing. The RN noted that she was basically going through early labor as her body was naturally attempting to remove the pregnancy. The pain and associated process would not be identical to the birthing process, it would be quite similar.

B was laying down, so although she was still bleeding quite a bit, it was not as much as when she was walking around or sitting on the toilet. Did this mean the blood was building up inside, I do not know, but the RN did not express and significant concerns about this.

After about thirty minutes the emergency room doctor came to check-in on B and completed an order for pain medications. He said an on-call OB would be coming down to see her shortly, her regular OB was completing deliveries so he was not going to be available. The OB was from B’s OB office, but she had never met with her before. We still were not sure if the pregnancy would pass naturally or if she would need a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure. I have heard D&C before but was on sure what exactly the procedure entailed, to google I went. The procedure did not sound awful (the best word I can think of), but being another procedure ending a pregnancy in less than a year was awful. I felt so bad for my wife and the pain and suffering, both physically and mentally.


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