Today life is quite different. B confirmed she was pregnant for the third time in May and we have coped with all the early prenatal appointments and related testing and scanning again. This time the results have been positive. Driving down to the clinic with her for each appointment, I could feel the tension build-up inside me, my heart pounded, my teeth unconsciously clenched, than the doctor would tell us the results…all positive. The level of fear and stress were not completely alleviated by the news, but I was able to crack a smile here and there.

The months in between the loss of the second pregnancy and confirming the third were challenging. My wife was sad and angry and had a hard time dealing with her sister’s pregnancy and the loss of two of her own. I had a hard time not saying things I was thinking, but I was able to restrain myself and I simply supported her. This worked well and avoided many possible fights. I have a tendency of challenging people’s perspectives, for better or worse I am interested in all sides of the story and love to attempt to gather an understanding of why people think the way they do. This leads to many interesting conversations, but also can escalate into arguments rather quickly.

As for me, the second pregnancy upset and saddened me, but I was able to deal with the loss rather quickly…this I attribute to not having to cope with all the physical issues. I was looking forward to trying to make another baby which is after all the best part. More importantly, this is the turning point for my blog. From now on I will be blogging the pregnancy process as a first time expectant dad.

I look forward to writing from a more positive perspective!


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