Week 18 (20) Ultrasound Appointment: Bonus Gender Reveal

We had the 18th week appointment scheduled last week. Although the pregnancy and appointments to date had been going relatively well, I was still extremely nervous. The nervousness was related to primarily two things, both pretty obvious. The first concern was development, was the baby developing ok, was everything going to look like it was supposed to. After several appointments looking at the ultrasound screen, so far only one had really turned out to be what it was exactly supposed to be, could we go for two in a row? The second was more selfish, the baby’s gender. I have had my mind set at having a son for a long time.

B checked-in and we went and watched some Doctor Office TV. The waiting room was packed with very pregnant women and a few women with young children. We only had to wait about five minutes and we were called back…by the friendly ultrasound tech, YEAH!!!!! We almost gave each other a jumping hi-5, we were stoked, well I was a little excited, still my anxiety pulsated throughout my body.

I found the rolling stool and sat down and crashed into a sliding panel door, off the track it went. “That’s ok it’s been broken,” the tech informed me. I put the door back on the track and sat back down on the rolling stool and waited for things to start. The tech asked how things were going and informed us what she would be looking for as far development and asked if we wanted to know the gender.


So I sat rolling back and forth, attempting to burn off nervous energy. The baby was definitely bigger than last time, that must be a good thing I thought to myself. The image actually looked like the standard ultrasound image seen on tv, movies, etc. B was amazed and was loving every minute of it. I was still a nervous Nelly rolling back and forth on a stool.

The ultrasound tech pointed out the basics, head, spine, hands, feet, and threw in kidneys. She did not really say if things looked “right” or not. I guess she isn’t supposed to, this fact did not soothe my nerves, but she did not really focus too long on any specific parts so I figured things must be at least somewhat normal.

The tech hit a button and said, “here is the 3D.”

“Wowwwwww, cool,” B says.

Orange demon, I think to myself.

The tech moved around printing out a couple pictures in 3D and then says to “her is 4D.”

“Wait, our baby is in the 4th dimension?” I ask.

[Forced chuckle] “Not quite, it’s the 3D mode but with movement.”

Well that’s something I think to myself…

“Ok, the gender.”

Crap, crap, crap…I start rocking to go along with the back and forth rolling.

“Ok, let’s see here,” the tech pushes on B’s belly trying to get the baby to turn over and it does.

“Can you see these, three dots, it’s a girl.”


The tech finished up and cut out a handful of pictures for us.

I must have looked a little upset, because while we were waiting for the OB, B said, “you are upset it’s a girl aren’t you?”

“A little disappointed, but more nerves still bothering me.”

After about 20 minutes, we are called back to meet the with the doctor. He comes and asks how we are doing, we both say good.

B says, “He is a very nervous, but I am feeling good.”

“Is there anything to be nervous about?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well everything with the ultrasound looks good.”


“But, it’s missing something.” I say.

I receive a quizzical look from the doctor and then a smile, “Ohhh, yeah it’s definitely a girl.”

He explains what the next few months will look like and gives B some advice with dealing with people as she begins to look more pregnant. He also provided another overview of the upcoming appointments and wished us luck. As we left he said, “it’s nice to see you both smiling.”

Yes, this felt good. Real good.


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