What to Buy First…continued

As I mentioned in the previous post, we purchased a “crib store only” Westwood Design furniture set, which has been setup in the nursery and looks very nice however, we did have some issues. Below is the crib and chest, we also have the dresser/changing table but there is a bunch of stuff on top of it right now.

When I went to pick up the crib, which was about thirty minutes away, I didn’t realize the furniture would already be put together. I am not a Ikea fan, but for some reason I expected the furniture to be in boxes and require some assembly…only the crib needed to be assembled. What this meant for me was I could only bring home the chest of drawers. Damn it.

I had a friend help me bring the chest upstairs and in the nursery and on our way downstairs I hear K say, “there are cracks in this thing.” I start tracing the entire trip from store to room in my head…nope there is no way I (we) did this. I went back up into the room with phone in hand ready to take pictures to send to the store.

As you can see two of the legs were in fact cracked and also had some paint issues. The towels under the chest are so we could slide the thing around…that worked out well.

I called the store the next day and they requested I email the pictures which I did. They responded within a half-hour and said they would replace the item and double-check the other pieces they still had. During this call, I also asked if they could deliver the rest of the furniture. They said delivery would cost $100…fine, sometimes convenience is expensive.

When the new furniture was delivered I checked it out closely and did not find any cracks, but did notice a couple issues with the paint.  I wasn’t happy about this, but figured at this point none of the furniture is going to be ideal, K agreed. However, I did email the company about the paint to see if they had touch-up paint or a marker…after about a month they responded and said the store I purchased the furniture from could order a paint marker. Nope. There is no way I am paying for a manufacturing issue, so I replied and to this date still have not heard back.

So as you can see, we have a Vietnamese worker’s hand print (will be a good conversation piece as she grows-up) and a small strip of missing paint on the top of the headboard.


So although the furniture is decent quality, sturdy, mostly wood versus veneer, soft-close drawers…craftsman and customer service is lackluster.


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