Registered: The Baby Shower Experience

Our baby shower registry planning was a little more challenging than the standard process. There were a few extenuating circumstances. First, we live a six hour drive away from where the shower was going to be held. Second, there are no baby stores (Babies R US, Buy Buy Baby) in a close proximity to where the shower was going to held. Third, we were concerned we were not going to be able to fit all the stuff, especially larger items, into one car for the trip home. So I got to work investigating options.

I discovered and thought this would be a good idea. This site allows you to add a “add to my registry” button on your search bar. When you are on any website you can click the button and the item will be added to the registry. This allowed us to shop around at several different stores and to find the best deals. We ended up with items from Amazon, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Target, and then a few oddball sites.

We sent out the invitations which included the myregistry address and a request, if the buyer was willing, any large items be shipped directly to the house since we only had limited room in the car.

Well, a couple weeks later there was only a couple things purchased. This freaked K out a little bit, I figured maybe people don’t want to shop online. I spent one night creating registries directly on the Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby websites so people would be able to go to the store and print them out. This was one of the negatives about the myregistry site. They do automatically import and update for some companies, but not many. When people buy something from a registry that is not linked or they buy in a store, they would need to go back to the myregistry site to enter the purchase. Two weeks before the shower, there were exactly zero additional purchases.

We figured either people purchased things off the registry and did not record the purchases, people just bought whatever they want to, or we were going to be getting cash and gift cards…

The result was a good mix of the latter two. We received a lot of clothes and a decent amount of cash and gift cards. I am not sure how K felt about this, but I was actually happy. I would much rather prioritize and purchase the specific things we want, which we have been doing.

Final conclusion: the out of the state shower and request for sending stuff to the house made things a little tricky. The shower went well and there were gifts for K to open, so she was happy. I get to pick and choose when and what we buy, so I was happy. And I learned although the concept of myregistry is a good one, the functionality isn’t there quite yet.



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