The Baby Stroller

Up next, the stroller. After completing some basic research on the different types of strollers, we decided on a travel system. Before we made this final decision though we headed out to a local Buy Buy Baby to check these out in person, especially to see how heavy the carriers are.

After deciding on the travel system I started doing some more thorough research on safety reviews and user reviews. I started with Consumer Reports, which had a decent list of reviews. Then I found two websites Safe Baby Reviews and Baby Gear Lab, which both provided some additional guidance.

Like everything else, there are way too many different types of strollers. There is nothing wrong with have the choices, the quantity seems like a waste to me. There is a list of definitive safety requirements for strollers and the Consumer Product Safety Commission does have voluntary standards (ASTM). So, the cheapest stroller will in theory be “safe,” and then you have the $3000 Aston Martin stroller, which I am sure still tips over


and $1500 Mimi Kids baby catapult


Anyway, we went with the Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 which received excellent ratings from Consumer Reports (84/100) overall

Crash protection: Better

Ease of Use: Excellent

LATCH: Excellent

Belt: Excellent

as well as good ratings from users on several different sites I checked out.

The car seat base will go into K’s car, since she will be driving and carrying the baby around the most. I went with a standard car seat which will be my next exhilarating post.


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