Maternity Ward Tour

Since this is our first child, we wanted to take a child birthing class at the hospital we intend on going to for the big day. According to the website they had two options, the first option was once a week for four weeks and the second was an intensive one-day class. Both K and I preferred the four week idea, not only to spread out the education, but also to meet some other new parents. However, there were no available classes based on her due date, so we had to schedule the one day intensive…that was supposed to be last Saturday.

When we got up Saturday morning and were getting ready to go, K received a text message informing us the class was cancelled due to the weather. There was probably a half-inch of snow on the ground and they cancelled the class! K was told there were only three couples scheduled for the class and two of the couples cancelled. Personally, I think they should have held the class just for us…I mean we are special, at least that’s what our mother’s tell us.

Quite frustrated, K called the hospital and asked if we would be able to take a tour of the ward and they were quite accommodating and told her we could stop by anytime as long as we called first to make sure they were not too busy. Sunday morning we called over and scheduled a tour a little later in the morning.

The maternity ward is locked, I am assuming they are locked everywhere now. I cannot even fathom what has happened in the past to require this…One of the nurses walked us around the unit. There are only a handful of rooms, all of them are single rooms which is nice. The nurse also said they are planning on getting new chair-bed things which are supposed to be more comfortable…score for me! There is a surgical room on the ward for cesarean sections and three or four labor and delivery rooms. Each room has a whirlpool for pain relief I guess, but they do not offer water births, so I was thinking I might hit that up during the process if it goes over a few hours. The birthing rooms looked for homey and almost calming, similar to those at the Trident Health System


For some reason, I was expecting the rooms to look much more surgical, something like UPMC Altoona operating room



There was no one actually having a baby while we were there (booo, disappointing), but there were two of the birthing rooms occupied and all but two of the overnight rooms were occupied, so there were a decent amount of people in a small area and the place was quiet. Overall, the setup looked adequate and was not very “hospitalish” which was nice.

Another thing checked-off the list. We may still try to get to a class if they have one between now and the due date, but this was a good opportunity and glad we have at least a little bit of an idea of what to expect.




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