The Expectant Dad Bag

The dad bag. Last week I was thinking to myself, what do I need when we go to the hospital to have this baby…then I realized, I need a hospital bag too. Shortly after our tour of the maternity ward, K packed her hospital bag so that is ready to go. Now, I need to pack mine. I did a quick google search to see if people had any ideas that I would not have typically thought of, all I found was dad’s from the UK are apparently much more prepared for “labour” than US dads.

The first list I found included the majority of the basics, but did have some things I would not have thought of.

  • Loose change: Maybe as a just in case, but I intend on packing decent amount of snacks
  • Smartphone: Of course, not sure anyone is able to survive without one at this point
  • Toothbrush/paste: Yup, definitely. Those giant square toothbrushes and heinous toothpaste are not an option…when you have a choice.
  • Changes of clothes: Obviously, as comfortable as possible.
  • Swimwear: No, I am not going swimming while my wife is in labor…the list is referring to a water birth, which she is not planning anyway, but if she was NO WAY I would get in there with her for multitude of reasons. I mean you are soaking in your own filth when you take a bath anyway, forget with all that’s coming out during this event.
  • Painkillers: Hmm…I have had a couple migraines in my life, and luckily do not have chronic pain, so I am going to pass on this one.
  • Reading material: This is my primary form of entertainment and currently doing the presidential biographies thing, so I will have plenty of reading material. I just cannot envision having the opportunity to read much.
  • Pillow: I guess, I need to think about this. I don’t know how I feel about brining my pillow into a hospital and then bringing that back home. Clothes can be washed…
  • Massage aids and oils: Good idea I would not have thought of, back & foot rub might be beneficial…”massage aid” on the other hand, I thought that was just a politically correct term for a sexy-time toy.
  • Wife’s bag: So yes, obviously…I will probably still forget it.

The second list included basically the same things. The final list was basically the same, but included some more specific ideas.

  • Snacks: Drinks, I would not have thought about this, but I am definitely going to pack a 2 liter or two of seltzer (may go to drink). Hospital water never tastes right, although I will need to use ice…it’s better than drinking bleach water.
  • Labor support tools: Again, reference to massage tools. I need to look into this a little more. However, this site had a link which referred to birthing balls, which again not using.
  • Medications: Luckily I do not take any meds, but I liked this quote, “No one will be willing to listen or supply drugs.” So maybe I will take some ibuprofen just in case. I am also going to include some nasal saline…I love this stuff anyway, and forced hot air dries my sinuses out something fierce.
  • Music: This is a decent idea, especially since we get a private room. I will work with K on developing a play list to bring with us and I received a Bluetooth speaker for Christmas…yeah toys!
  • Pen & paper: So 20th century, but again a good idea I did not think of for contractions, progress, and just to keep notes.

So now I have something to do this weekend…five weeks to go.


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