Pregnancy Officially Full-Term


Something has happened to me during the past week I never envisioned happening which I will get to later, for now I will start with the more mundane things that have been happening. I decided to install both car seats and have them inspected by the local Child Car Seat Inspector. I have never installed a car seat before so I was not sure what to expect, but after I read the instructions I want to thank whoever invented the LATCH system for the simplicity and security! [For nerds like me, mildly interesting research report on LATCH use] As noted in a previous post, we purchased the Chicco KeyFit 30 for K and the Chicco NextFit for my car and they were both very easy to install. We each brought our vehicles to the local Car Seat Inspector (CSI) who said they were installed correctly, but needed to tighten them a little more. K said her CSI basically jumped in the car seat and put his entire body weight into yanking the strap…my CSI not so much, he only slightly tugged. Felt good to get those in, makes things feel a little more real.

Next accomplishment during the past couple weeks was actually completing the childbirth class which had been previously cancelled. We were told there were three couples, including us, scheduled for the original class while this class had eight couples, so the room was full. When the class started I turned to K and said, “We have to be the oldest people in here by at least five years,” she smiled and said “yeah, I noticed that too.” Ohh well, at least we have the opportunity of being there! The first third of the class was somewhat pointless to me as the preceptor reviewed good diet, exercise, and things to avoid…by the third trimester I think it may be a little late to be discussing these things, but there must be a reason for it. Then things got a little more interesting as we discussed pre-labor and labor, where I learned the 5-1-1 rule (contractions five minutes apart, last one minute, for one hour) which is actually good to know. K’s OB had not informed us of this rule, he told us to call when contractions started. Then we watched a birth story video, where they showed a couples entire 20 hour labor process, including a below the curtain shot and the father actually helping to pull/catch the baby (that, that is something I do not plan on doing). Finally, we did the maternity ward tour again which was the same although they did get the new “partner beds” for the postpartum rooms. I tested them out, not too shabby.

We also scheduled two meetings with local pediatricians in an attempt to choose one. Apparently newborns are supposed to see the pediatrician two days after they get home, so it is important to have this decided upon. We both prefer doctors “that DO” (Osteopathic doctors), however there is only one somewhat close to us, so we started with two offices which are closer. Both doctors presented their practices in basic terms and explained they are available 24/7 and provided information on their particular interests, one noted behavioral health the other childhood obesity. I personally was not super impressed by either. I am not sure what I was expecting or what exactly I want in a pediatrician, so I will be deferring this decision to K.

Finally, the event. A couple of nights ago K asked me to assist with her preparation for childbirth, she had previously talked to me about this, but this was the first time the plan was going to be put into action. What was all the hubbub…perineal massage. She sat down on a towel on the couch with no clothes on below the waist waiting for me to do my thing. This is where things got interesting for me. I had my wife sitting on the couch half naked and she was expecting me to use my fingers inside her and I had no feelings of arousal…none. I let it go at the time as I massaged her (I am sparing those details, if interested here you go), but thought about it afterwards. I think there were two things going on. First, all I could envision was a baby coming out of there, my child, it’s like reverse butt rule for me. In general things are supposed to go in there, not come out. Second, there is going to be a baby coming out of there…my mind, which runs about average with the typical male mind when it comes to sex, was cleared of all sexual thought, this is an exceptionally rare occurrence. It’s interesting what this process does to brains.

Anyway, K is officially full-term. We are both ready to meet our daughter and have the official countdown on.

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