This Guy is a Dad: A Birthing Story Prelude

I started this blog with the intention of blogging throughout my wife’s pregnancy, following an ectopic pregnancy and then a miscarriage. I figured this would give me an opportunity to journal, even though I have never journaled in my life, nor am I a writer…cathartic, maybe? I have been able to complete various posts, the first few were reassessments of the losses, the rest have been experiential as well as even a couple product reviews; I have been all over the place. Now, I intend to look forward to fatherhood.

A secondary reason was to be able to have stories for my child to read in the future. I have always been interested in family history and would have loved to read stories about my parents and grandparents as children from their parents perspective as well  as in their parental roles. So, this is will continue to be our story about our entry into the “Parenthood.”

After a morning of contractions, on her due date, we went to the doctor’s office and K was 2in dilated. The doctor instructed us to, “go home, go shopping, go to a movie, have sex, something to get the labor really moving,” so we went home and watched tv. The contractions did progress well and by 5:30pm she made the 5-1-1 (contractions every 5 minutes, that last one minute, for a hour),  K called the doctor’s office and he told her to head to the hospital, off we went.

To make sure I knew what she wanted, I asked K if she wanted an epidural. Previously, she told me she did, but after the birthing class we went to she had a few second thoughts due to possible delays the baby may have a side effect.

K said, “I am not sure, I will wait to see how bad the pain gets.”

Do you know how long, when the latest is, you can get one? I asked

No, I will need to ask when we get there. (Yes, I know there are contraptions with internet right on them, but I was driving and she had thoughts of sugar plums dancing in her head).

We arrived at the hospital around 6 and went to the delivery room and got situated. We asked the nurse who the on-call doctor was and when she told us it was our preferred doctor we smiled at each other…I had a full-blown Gatorade dump over the coaches head celebration going on in my head. Based on K’s experiences with the two previous miscarriages, I have developed a strong preference for this one doctor. The nurse called him and he came into the room in about 20 minutes and checked K’S status, 4cm dilated and 75% effaced, she still had a ways to go but after two years, it was finally the last lap.


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