This Guy is a Dad: A Birthing Story, the Middle Part

K was in a lot of pain which gradually increased in degree of pain and frequency. She was still debating the epidural, her first step was to ask to use a Swissball, but since the ball was being used in a labor and delivery (L&D) room it’s called a birthing ball. Sitting on the ball both relieved some of the pain and also allegedly helps move the baby into an ideal birthing position and I have to honestly say, even though she was 40 weeks pregnant and making facial expressions like she had been constipated for a week, some of the movements were quite a turn-on.

After awhile on the birthing ball, K said she needed a little more relief, so she moved on to the Jacuzzi tub. The tub was in the bathroom component of the L&D room and looked like any other small Jacuzzi tub I had ever seen, but had a large blue inflatable mat on the bottom so staff would be able to get her out quickly if need be. K was able to stay in there for a good thirty minutes or so and she said it felt amazing. The only reason she got out was because she was feeling oversaturated/pruney.

After the Jacuzzi the pain and frequency of the contractions increased exponentially. The doctor came in to check on her, at this point she was slightly over 5cm dilated and 100% effaced, she asked him about the epidural (very concerned that is may be too late) and she agreed it was time. The anesthesiologist came into the room about twenty minutes later. He walked into the room wearing an Ed Hardy type t-shirt that was at least one size to small, in order to show off his pipes and a pair of skinny jeans (wait a second here, why I am judging a dudes outfit, ohh yeah because he is the highest paid of all doctor’s and wearing this to complete a procedure on my laboring wife). He completed the procedure effortlessly as he explained to K and a group of three Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) students step-by-step what he was doing, which I think is required or at least should be. He apparently did an excellent job, because K said she did not feel anything during the procedure and was still able to move one of her legs during labor, although both legs were numb. The pain gone, the pressure remained uncomfortable, but she knew the pushing would soon commence.


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