I am typically a private person. I have used the internet since the early 1990s in the age of bulletin board services (BBS), America Online, Prodigy, etc. I would willing spend 20 minutes downloading a single nude jpeg of Jenny McCarthy on my 4800kbs modem to add to my ever growing collection of very important floppy disks. However, I have never created a social media account.

I am also not a writer, but I thought writing about this coming experience would be fun and even a little cathartic. Why am I going to do this publicly when I can obviously keep a completely private journal? I do not have an answer. I may be looking for a new technique to self-regulate, as oversharing may be a way to subconsciously control anxiety. There is a possibility I will come up with an answer through the process.

My wife and I are in our mid-30s and have been trying to have a child for the past year and half. Overall the process has admittedly not been enjoyable. There was a period (no pun intended, I should have thesaurused) time when sex was not even enjoyable. My intention is to blog about the continuing progress for better or worse.